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Multinational and Multidivision Companies are facing strong financial pressures due to shrinking commercial margins and rising operating costs and investment demands. The target is to obtain significant savings through negotiation and panel rationalization. External spend – opex and capex – is a major component of the cost base.

However, in the face a highly regulated environment, of more diversified and complex purchasing portfolios, more spread supplier markets and faster technological shifts, traditional sourcing optimization initiatives seem to be reaching their limit.

Reaching the full potential of sourcing optimization requires going beyond traditional negotiations, obvious panel consolidations, and basic supplier management.

Optimized procurement also generates significant side benefits such as improved risk management and identification of faster growth opportunities through enhanced supplier relationships.

Milano Brothers Services aims at supporting Telecom operators along the Procurement process specifically in the areas of:

  • Micro and Small Purchases
  • Purchase of Class C materials and/or dealing with Class C vendors

In these areas Milano Brothers can handle the Procurement process from an end-to-end, covering everything from planning purchases to negotiating pricing, making the purchases, to handling inventory control and storage and shipping to the point of use.

OPERATIONAL COSTS REDUCTION is made possible because our procurement process is aimed at the acquisition of products and services under the best market conditions, assuring at the same time, requirements concerning quality, safety and social and environmental compliance.  Acting a s a single point of contact between client and suppliers, we will allow you to reduce orders, invoices, paperwork, warehouse costs, number of vendors and suppliers and costs in general.

Our role is crucial when you are dealing with occasional or one shot suppliers and/or in remote locations with low strategic value for you: by outsourcing smaller or less important suppliers, materials or services, you will have more time to spend optimizing the procurement of strategically critical ones while saving time and money.

  • Supply Chain Services – management of Class C materials and suppliers
  • Consolidated Point of Contact
  • Testing and Screening in accordance with the Industry Standards
  • Kitting
  • Delivery directly on site (any geography)
  • Marketing Consultancy and Analysis
  • Maintenance of gas/nitrogen tanks
  • Provision of Complex Solutions and Obsolescence Management
  • Any Service which is not material based

Milano Brothers is able to help streamline Vendor Base acting as a single point of contact for its clients and by being the only supplier, procurement is simplified and time and money are saved!


  • Acting as a single point of contact between client and suppliers
  • Simplification and reduction of the process costs
  • Reduction of orders, invoices, paperwork, warehouse costs and suppliers
  • Managing all contact and relationships with suppliers
  • Aggregation demand of multiple customers to secure lower prices
  • Delivery on site (any geography)
  • Buffer Stock services
  • Ensuring the high quality level and business reliability of all suppliers due to careful market scouting and documented certified quality of
  • Unified and flexible payment terms
  • Testing – in partnership with multiple test houses
  • Custom Bar Coding
  • Management of Shortages
  • Non coded micro purchases
  • Custom Packaging according to clients request and transportation requirements
  • Cold and Dry Packaging Services
  • Certified Hazardous Material Packaging services



  • Cross Reference
  • Reproduce the part if not available on the market
  • Management of part list and alternative proposal from baseband up to RF