Design Support

At Milano Brothers International, Design Support is a free of charge service dedicated to supporting engineers and designers in selecting components for projects! With over 40 years experience in design specification of product to the aerospace, defence, transportation, industrial and medical industries, the capabilities of the DESIGN SUPPORT team is clear!

The problem
Searching for the right component to solve a problem can take design engineers many hours. Meanwhile days, weeks or months can elapse.  Arriving at a finished and tested prototype can be delayed.

The solution
DESIGN SUPPORT can eliminate these problems. With vast experience in sourcing and supplying electronic electromechanical components, and the accumulated experience and knowledge of our technical team, we can partner with your design engineers.

The team
The team consists of specialists recruited and trained for their skill and knowledge in component selection. We'll locate the ideal product for your project and deliver data and samples saving you both time and effort. This is a free service, with no commitment on your part.

We will:

  • Help you to find the components for a new design or improvement or cost reduction of an existing design.
  • Find alternatives and obtain data and samples.
  • Continue to work with you throughout design,prototyping and testing.
  • Supply components to your schedules when your product is in production.