Our Story

Since 1941, the name Milano Brothers has meant quality, commitment, dependability and variety. In the new century, the name continues to represent an entire line of quality, internationally renowned products and services, incomparable in the market place.

CItyAfter over seven decades of work and growing success, the ever-changing environment provides more challenges than ever before, and Milano Brothers is flourishing in the areas of military, commercial, communications and space applications. "We have successfully supplied the governments of Italy, Germany, Brazil, Spain, and are regular supplier of NATO," says President Piero Guidugli. Milano Brothers is fully established and ready for the challenges of the twenty-first century. Founded in 1941 by Frank Milano in New York City the company moved its headquarters from New York to Florida in 1992. At its central location in Deerfield Beach there are 15 employees including administration and purchasing people. The various branches of Milano Brothers include technical and sales force of 16 people in Italy. “Because of the way the company is run, people tend to stay with us,” says Vice President Teresa Ferraro.

“We have many employees who have been with us for years, which is a rarity by American standards.” And with this experience and loyalty comes stability, reliability and service.

With a truly international market, the company’s key concerns must be sophisticated services and products. The emphasis on customer satisfaction includes several important conditions not ordinarily seen in other company’s sales plans. Service is fundamental to Milano Brothers’ mission and part of this includes the consolidation of different materials and products, no matter their source, to one order. The scheduling of orders with programmed deliveries and prices valid for up to three years, the carrying of inventory in behalf of the final customer, flexible terms of payments, yearly agreements and, when necessary, direct financing. Milano Brothers will go out of their way to ensure customer’s orders are filled easily and efficiently. But the idea of service doesn’t stop with filling orders- the firm goes farther, providing resources from the location of specific parts to research, installation and maintence of turn-key systems. Milano Brothers will make sure that technical documentation, drawings, catalogs and product samples are available, while also suggesting and finding advantageous alternatives and equivalent products. All products are guaranteed and are complete with certificate of conformity.

We are AS 9120/ISO 9001 certified” says Piero Guidugli. Of special importance to the purchasing department of Milano Brothers is pricing; pricing is always an issue and its staff will do its best through negotiations, special arrangements or its long-term business relationships to ensure the customers get the best possible price at any given time. Customer’s queries can be addressed in multiple languages including English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and German. To list all the many longtime clients of Milano Brothers would take up to several pages. But even a short list proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that this company has provided reliable services for many important customers. The Italian Ministry of Defense, all the Selex ES Divisions and Alenia, count on Milano Brothers to supply them with the latest in technological innovations.

The company has grown since 1941; countries across Europe and South America rely on the quality of its products and services. Automakers Ferrari and Fiat, the Avionics Industry with Augusta, Aeritalia-Alenia and the Italian Air Force, Embraer and Grupo Aeromot in Brazil, the Space Industry with Telespazio and the Brazilian Space Research Laboratory, the German Navy, Baharat Heavy Industries in India, the European Space Agency, the Telecommunication sector from Italy to Brazil. The company has been, and is, involved in many new and old programs: The Globalstar, EFA, AMX, including maintenance and refurbishing of the Mrca, F-104, Hawk, Nike, Sparrow, C1, Sincgars. “Basically,” says Piero Guidugli, “we have been involved with most major programs, and we take a lot of pride in that fact.” “We can be your One Stop Shopping Place, where you can find almost anything you need without wasting too much time,” adds Teresa Ferraro.

Circuit board

Furthermore, Milano Brothers has established itself worldwide as an important and trustworthy supplier of modern technology including Interpoint Inc., Jennings Technology, API (Amplifonix), Caddock, Voltage Multipliers, L3, Photo-Sonics Inc. and many others. In keeping with its commitment to service its customers, Milano Brothers is reachable by telephone, fax, e-mail, 24 hours a day either directly or through its branches and now by logging directly to the data base through its web site. For a company like Milano Brothers the Internet provides another tool to fine tune the customer relationships the company prides itself on. The company’s web site, at www.Milanobro.com allows visitors to find information, leave messages, and get acquainted with the company’s profile.

There is also an in-house software developer who updates all the computers programs, designs, installs new ones, and basically ensures that Milano Brothers maintains a cutting- edge approach to rapidly changing technology. “It’s a constant update to meet both the requirements of today’s market and also make us more automated and efficient,” says Tom Worrell, the Technology Director. “We are always under pressure to be as fast and responsive as possible, while at the same time being aggressive, competitive and accurate.”

Milano Brothers has risen to the challenge of today’s marketplace, continuing to affirm its reputation as a forward thinking, service-oriented company with impeccable standards.